Sunday, October 5, 2008

Takin Suggestions

I was in the deli with my Scion sweatshirt and these two dudes said that they had seen me and my Scion sweatshirt before. They were drunk and asked me if Scion was paying me to wear the sweatshirt. I said that they weren't but that I have a blog and would like an offer from them. They went on to suggest to me that I change my blog to "". They then went on to suggest to my friend that I change my blog to "". Those guys had a lot of ideas.


Halo Effect said...

YO man, cian and I need to get on your payroll as creative consultants. Were the 2 dudes that thought of those phrases forya on saturday nite. We got Ideasfordays..

Hit us up lets do this.

DAN FONG said...

I saw you walking around New York with that sweat shirt. You're becoming an urban legend.

Rachel said...

how come i have never seen this sweatshirt?
something must be wrong.